Neighborhood Improvement District (NID)

Neighborhood Improvement District


1. Property Owners Submit A Petition to City Clerk. Adjacent property owners must submit a petition in favor of the project to the Public Works Department (The City Council prefers that at least two-thirds of the adjacent property owners agree to the project. A neighborhood representative helps gather this information. The petition is reviewed by the City Council.

2. First Resolution: the Council passes a resolution establishing the District and commissioning preliminary plans and specifications.

3. Second Resolution: using revised cost estimates, the City Council passes a second resolution preparing an assessment roll for public inspection, along with plans and specifications.

4. Public Notice: The notice should be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the City for a public hearing to consider the proposed improvement and assessment.

5. Property Owner Notice: the City Clerk mails the notice to the property owners informing them of the open hearing and the proposed cost to be assessed against their property.

6. First Ordinance: if there are not objections, the improvement is ordered to be made and financing obtained.

Construction: At this point, the project should be advertised for bids, a contractor is selected and the work completed.

7. Second Ordinance: the adjacent property owners are billed for their share of the project costs.

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  1. If all of the owners do not sign in favor of the petition, the City Council can decide to proceed with the project and require all owners to pay.
  2. By law the property owners cannot “borrow” more than 25% of the total estimated improvement cost. Otherwise, a new petition should be filled.
For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 505-8560.