University City Community Profile

Retail Profile
Shopping in University City is convenient and fun. Most commercial development is located on two major thoroughfares, Olive Boulevard and Delmar Boulevard. These two roadways run parallel to each other, traversing the city from East to West and extending beyond the western city limits.

There are several other major streets that bisect U. City from North to South to accommodate the steady flow of traffic. Several of the retail districts have distinct characteristics that contribute to their identity.

Delmar Boulevard
The University City Loop on Delmar Boulevard is an eclectic mix of restaurants, galleries and specialty shops. Located in a five-block area near Washington University, the Loop is also home to the elegantly restored Tivoli Theater which showcases both foreign films and films in limited release and the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

A number of art organizations are located in this district including the Craft Alliance gallery and teaching studio and Center of Contemporary Arts teaching and performance space. Each year the U. City Loop is the site of occasional special community events like the Ice Carnival, Style in the Loop, and the annual bike race sponsored by the Big Shark Bicycle Company.

Along with the nationally renowned Michigan Avenue in Chicago and St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, The Delmar Loop was designated as one of the "Great Streets in America" by the American Planning Association.

Olive Boulevard
The Olive Business District which begins at the western edge of the city near Interstate 170 and continues heading East along Olive Boulevard is where many ethnic groceries, retail stores and small professional offices are located. An amazing variety of restaurant choices can be found in this area including Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese to name a few. This district is directly accessible from other business areas where a variety of grocery and retail chain stores, hair and nail salons, auto repair shops and professional offices are located.

Cunningham Industrial Park
The City's industrial park is located at the eastern city limit and is populated by light industrial companies.

There are other smaller neighborhood business districts interspersed throughout University City's neighborhoods. These areas are within walking distance to residences and include investment brokers and legal offices, butcher shops, repair shops and restaurants. Neighborhood business districts can be found on Forsyth Boulevard, Midland Boulevard, North and South, Delmar Boulevard, Old Bonhomme, Hanley Road and Jackson Avenue.

Because of its convenient location, ease of access and variety of stores, University City is able to attract consumers from neighboring communities and is often a shopping destination for students from Washington University and Fontbonne College.

Tax & Permit Information
Businesses that choose to open locations in University City will be required to obtain the necessary licenses and permits and pay federal, state and local taxes as assessed. The Department of Community Development will provide technical assistance to new businesses with obtaining building and occupancy permits. Contact Jodie Lloyd at (314) 505-8522 for assistance.

Municipal Profile
University City has a strong community culture with a rich tradition of excellence in the creative and performing arts. There are ample opportunities for citizens to enjoy a hobby while becoming involved in the community. The University City Orchestra, Optimist Club, U. City in Bloom and U. City Lions are just some of the civic interest groups that residents can join.